Among the companies there are elements of socially responsible behavior, and this implies certain obligations to the workers of the enterprise, to the city, and finally to the country. Our company is capable of building a business not only for the sake of profit, but also to take on a part of the collective responsibility for the surrounding reality. Other things being equal, businesses that do not avoid social responsibility deserve more trust from consumers and partners. Everyone wins from this!

Among such enterprises is Tash-Temir OJSC. The Tash-Temir company conducts an active policy in all areas of social orientation between the employee and his interests, such as a decent salary, timely issuance of it, the legislative regime of working time, rest and other social issues, and we practically have no problems. There is a trade union organization and all employees are members of the trade union.

Tash-Temir OJSC takes an active part in the social sphere, in its sponsorship and charitable activities, the company is focused on supporting such spheres of public life as culture, sport, revival, preservation of artistic values, monuments.

The program of their support provides for the implementation of measures to provide concrete material assistance to children in orphanages, boarding schools, organizations of veterans and disabled people, low-income families and other socially vulnerable groups of the population.

Within the framework of the organization of sports competitions and healthy lifestyles among employees, organizes sports competitions of the Table Tennis Company, allocates funds for visiting football sections and provide sponsorship assistance to sports organizations of the city.

The participants of the Second World War, the workers of the home front, as well as retirees who have gone on a well-deserved rest, are in the center of attention of the Board, the trade union committee. On the eve of the “Victory Day”, pensioners, in honor of the “Day of Older People”, the Board with the participation of the trade union committee provides material assistance, visiting them at home.

Tash-Temir OJSC in the person of the head Pak Arthur Nikolayevich makes every effort to consolidate the staff, especially the young and provides them with support. The company closely cooperates with educational institutions, paying special attention to the training of young specialists.

It is not so difficult to do good as it seems. Children are the main thing in any society and at all times. The company Tash-Temir OJSC takes care of the children of the employees of the enterprise, organizes children’s holidays. The beginning of summer is marked by the brightest and most beautiful holiday in the world – the Children’s Day. Pak Artur Nikolaevich, continuing the good tradition of the enterprise, annually together with the trade union organization gives children a wonderful holiday, performance of circus performers, dolls, arranges contests, games and presents gifts for children. Children are the most valuable thing that we have. Pass festive events for the children of employees directly with the participation of parents. New Year parties are held with the participation of Father Frost and Snow Maiden with the delivery of gifts.

In order to maintain health, taking into account the Republican Program Healthy Nation – Strong Kyrgyzstan, employees and their children are given a lot of attention. Together with the trade union organization in summer, children are given free rest in the rest camp on Issyk-Kul Lake, and their parents spend their holidays there on privileged vouchers.

Funds are allocated for active recreation of the staff with a trip to the nature and a wonderful lake Issyk-Kul. Anglers also go fishing every year. Our young cadres take part in youth forums of trade unions of builders and industrial building materials in Cholpon-Ata.

We take an active part in the seminars organized by the city administration of the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Youth of the Kyrgyz Republic together with the German Society for International Cooperation GIZ on labor market research and with the departure to Astana city of the Republic of Kazakhstan under the program “Professional Education and Employment Promotion”.

The trade union committee together with the Board organizes and conducts celebratory events in honor of March 8, “Builder’s Day”, “Independence Day”, “Defender of the Fatherland Day”.

Competitions are held between the teams of the workshops for the best trade union organization, a competition for the improvement and cleanliness of the territory, and the premises of the competition, and the winners are awarded class places with valuable gifts and cash bonuses