There are certificates issued by the Republican Certification Center in construction for the following concrete mixtures and reinforced concrete products: - Reinforced concrete irrigation channel trays of grades LA 30.8.5 and LA 30.5.3 of concrete of grade B 22.5 P1 F 150 W6 ;

- Reinforced concrete road plates of grade P-1, P-2.

- concrete mixtures of heavy concrete of grade B 7.5 P2 F75 W4, B10 P2 F 75 W4, B15 P2 F75 W4, B20 P2 F75 W4, B22.5 P2 F75 W4, B25 P2 F75 W4, B30 P2 F75 W4;

- сa mixture of gravel-gravel-sandy C5 (D40) grades by the crushing ratio of 1000, for the bases of highways;

- slabs of reinforced concrete hollows for the construction of residential and public buildings in areas with seismicity of 7.8 and 9 points;

- crushed stone of a mixture of fractions from 5 to 20 mm, group 1, grade of crushing 1000 mark on abrasion I-1 obtained during crushing of gravel.