Tash-Temir OJSC is a developing company interested in finding and bringing to its ranks dedicated, enterprising, energetic and creative people, able to work in a team, ready to improve their professional knowledge and experience.

Today the company’s success is due to the employees of the company, patriotic youth and talented professionals.

We welcome all those who are ready to become a member of the team of professionals of our Company. You have the opportunity to declare yourself as the best candidate for the position of interest in Tash-Temir OJSC.


1. Bridge crane operator

2. Electrician

3. Electric Gas Welder

4. Repairman

5. Turner

6. Miller

7. Driver

8. Armourer

9. Welding welder

10. Compressor unit operator

11. Regulator

12. Motorman of crushing and grading complex

13. Bulldozer driver

14. Tractor Loader Driver

15. Excavator driver

16. Locksmith of metalworking works

17. Concrete moulder

18. QCD Controller

19. Laboratory assistant

20. Accountant

21. Marketer

22. Engineer-technologist of concrete products

23. Engineer-laboratory worker of concrete products

You can send CV for the vacancy to the email address:

tash-temir-hr@mail.ru or call by phone: 0 (312) 59-23-15